Thursday, November 10, 2016

2011-11-08: Day in the car, to Waterford.

Today we're heading for Waterford.  Don't know whether there is a gym in the hotel or not.  In any case; there'll probably not be any squat or power racks.  At best a smith machine.  Not sure how to use them.  Do you curl the entire machine up from the floor? :-)

Udate: The hotel was in a fishing village outside of Waterford. Dunmore East. Beautiful place. No gym at the hotel.

Todays meals

08:30: 500ml milk, 20g whey
11:30: breadroll w/cheeae and ham
16:30: fish and chips, beer, whiskey, chocolate cake
21:00-> Bottle of wine and most of my nails watching the US election results

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