Tuesday, November 1, 2016

2016-11-01: Tuesday, No Lifts.

As we're in the middle of moving countries (Moving back home to Norway, from Ireland), I had my last day of work Friday 10 days ago, while my wife has her last da at work next week.  We managed to do a bit of bad planning, and my daughter is only in creche 3 days a week in November.

This means I don't have time for lifting today.  I'll have to spend the day being in playgrounds and minding my daughter.  Can't complain too much about an entire day of bonding. :-)

There might be some exercise during the day, I'll update with what I've manage to get done later today.

Todays minor exercises:

3x10x4kg Dumbbell lateral raise
3x10x4kg Dumbbell front raise

(Given that I have some light dumbbells at home, but was busy minding my daughter, this was all I had time for)

Todays meals: 

06:00: 500ml milk, 30g whey
12:00: Slice of bread with iberco salami and "chilli cheddar" slices.
15:00: 300g mince dmeat
16-18: Halloween candy w/daughter.
19:30: Nachos and beers

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