Monday, November 7, 2016

2016-11-07: Powerlifting belt arrived

My colleagues at Google decided to give me an Amazon gift card when I left the company a couple of weeks ago.  They told me it was for a new keyboard.  Probably thought my old Das Keyboard was too clickety. :-)

I've got plenty of good keyboards, but what I really lacked was a good powerlifting belt.  So I ordered one last week.  It arrived today. A nice XL powerlifting belt from RDX.  This one, to be exact.  I have to admit that XL barely got around my belly at the outermost notches, but well, it works.  And I set a new 5x5 PR with it, without feeling I might be hurting my back.   Which I guess is exactly why you want to have a belt.

Todays lifts:

Bench Press

10x100kg PR

So, Smolov Jr called for 6x6x100kg today.  I felt like I wasn't reaching my limit at all, so decided to AMRAP the last set, which turned into a nice new 10 rep PR.

Barbell Squat

5x5x140kg PR

I've previously done 4x5x137.5kg, but never done even a single 5x140kg.  With the new belt, doing 5x5x140kg turned out to be "easy".  Certainly insanely heavy with me being utterly exhausted afterwards (well, rather exhausted after each set to be honest), but without feeling like my form was collapsing.  Which I get is exactly why a belt is a good thing.

Barbell Row


Todays meals

06:50: 500ml milk, 20g whey
11:30: 500ml milk, 30g whey
14:45: Breadroll w/ham and cheese

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